Forest Spa Boutique

Welcome to our beautiful spa boutique, which is nestled in the heart of Palo Alto. We are an intimate spa boutique that has relaxation and rejuvenation high on our list of services. Our spa store features a full variety of Pevonia Botanica skin care products. If you are looking for the ultimate escape from your daily busy life, Forest Spa Boutique can provide you a comfortable and luxurious experience.

About Our Services

A team of highly trained estheticians performs an in-depth skin analysis and then specifically selects face and body products that will properly address your skin's needs. An extensive selection of anti-aging facials, peeling facials, customized signature facials, anti-aging body treatments, addresses your every day needs and delivers an unsurpassed spa experience. All our estheticians hold a California Esthetician License and have followed a European facial training.

For our facial and body hair removal services we work with the gentlest Italian wax depilatory available. Our estheticians are extensively trained in brazilian waxing. A silky after-wax application will calm and hydrate your skin.

Massage is a healing art that has been around since ancient Egyptian times. Massage therapy offers many health benefits; it increases the blood and lymph flow, stimulates the nervous system and relieves muscle tension. Not only does massage feel good, it enhances your overall health. Essential oils, diluted in an organic massage oil, are extremely beneficial to the spirit and heal your body. We offer a wide selection of massage oils that are non-sticky, nourish your skin, are suitable for the oily skin, contain vitamins and minerals, and blend well with the essential oil of your choice. We selected the best products for your body and face.

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To make an appointment you can use our new online bookingsystem or you can call us at (408) 759-0576.

Monday July 13

Resuming spa services effective July 13

Finally!! We are pleased to announce that we will be resuming our spa services effective July 13th. We can’t wait to welcome you all back into our lives. Covid19 has shaken the entire world upside down but now we are finally ready to celebrate a huge step in the right direction for the spa industry in Santa Clara County!

After a new health order was released by the Santa Clara County on Thursday, July 7th, we received tons of questions about what services are permitted and what not. The new and revised order unfortunately does not allow us to perform facials, any type of facial waxing, lash perms, and lash extensions. Yes, we are just as bummed but please hang in there; we are confident the health order will be revised sooner rather than later! Rumors are telling us a new order will arrive mid-August. Fingers crossed.

Just know we have an extensive list of other services that relax your mind and will make you feel fabulous. Being cooked up in your home for 24/7 does not support your mental health, so please we are here to help! We have all the protection and sanitation protocols in place for your safety so you can enjoy worry-free. Think about our body facials such as a back or bum facial. We clear your back from impurities, work on discoloration caused by back acne, and help firm your bum. Our extensive list of massage therapy speaks for itself! A cupping session or deep tissue massage might just be what you need, or maybe you like to go for pure bliss with our Hot Stone Massage. Let's also not forget our waxing services! We might need to shelter in place but that does not mean you should just let it grow and bloom. After 4 months of shelter in place the time finally arrived... so treat yourself, relax and enjoy!!

Polishing Body Exfoliation Special NEW!

We use a mixture of essential oils, gentle jojoba beads, and exfoliating gloves to polish your body followed by warm relaxing essential towels and a body balm application that firms, hydrates, and nourishes your skin. If you need a "quick pick me upper” during your lunch break, this 30-minute session will be exactly what you’re looking for!

$85 (30 minutes)   Book now

Dry Brush Special NEW!

Dry brushing promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates your blood circulation, which can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. An improved oxygen flow throughout the body, allows your lungs, heart, and muscles to function more efficiently. Add a dry brush exfoliation to any of our massages.

$35 (15 minutes, can only booked together with a massage)   Book now

Dry brushing vs polishing body exfoliation

The main difference is that a polishing body exfoliation requires water and a mixture of essential oils with jojoba scrub as a base. With a polishing body exfoliation, the focus is on dead skin removal and stimulates your cell turnover. Dry brushing involves moving a dry brush on your skin in specific motions to help improve your lymphatic system and stimulate your blood circulation. A dry brush is an excellent massage starter. It can help reduce the appearance of cellulite and plump up your skin.

Temporary changes under covid

Temporary changes:

  • We will work by appointment only and cannot accept walk-in clients.
  • You can still purchase products. The easiest way to receive your necessities is through our online store. We can ship it to your home or you hold it at the store for curbside pickup.
  • Closed on Sundays
  • We ask you to read our instructions well before your scheduled appointment. We will text or email you these instructions 24 hrs. before your appointment.