Forest Spa Boutique

Welcome to our beautiful spa boutique, which is nestled in the heart of Palo Alto. We are an intimate spa boutique that has relaxation and rejuvenation high on our list of services. Our spa store features a full variety of Pevonia Botanica skin care products. If you are looking for the ultimate escape from your daily busy life, Forest Spa Boutique can provide you a comfortable and luxurious experience.

About Our Services

A team of highly trained estheticians performs an in-depth skin analysis and then specifically selects face and body products that will properly address your skin's needs. An extensive selection of anti-aging facials, peeling facials, customized signature facials, anti-aging body treatments, addresses your every day needs and delivers an unsurpassed spa experience. All our estheticians hold a California Esthetician License and have followed a European facial training.

For our facial and body hair removal services we work with the gentlest Italian wax depilatory available. Our estheticians are extensively trained in brazilian waxing. A silky after-wax application will calm and hydrate your skin. Biological vials that slow down the hair growth can be added after your waxing for a longer lasting result.

Massage is a healing art that has been around since ancient Egyptian times. Massage therapy offers many health benefits; it increases the blood and lymph flow, stimulates the nervous system and relieves muscle tension. Not only does massage feel good, it enhances your overall health. Essential oils, diluted in an organic massage oil, are extremely beneficial to the spirit and heal your body. We offer a wide selection of massage oils that are non-sticky, nourish your skin, are suitable for the oily skin, contain vitamins and minerals, and blend well with the essential oil of your choice. We selected the best products for your body and face.

Make an appointment

To make an appointment call us at (408) 759-0576 or send an email including the service you would like to receive and two best available times that fit your schedule.

Detox your way into 2019

The word DETOX is probably the most used word on Instagram these days. You maybe have tried to cleanse your insides with a juice cleanse, or a meal plan to get rid of your excess bloat so you could fit into that specific outfit, then to only give up a few days after your event. Radical changes are difficult to keep up with especially when the people in your environment are not supportive or don’t look at it the way you do.

Yes, we do believe in DETOX and we especially believe in SKIN DETOX and DIGITAL DETOX! We are also in it for the long haul, and we don’t buy into the idea that we need any additional substances such as vitamins and minerals to detox our bodies. “We believe that with the right fresh food choices and with limited sugar, coffee, alcohol, and dairy intake our bodies can naturally detox themselves, which will result in healthy skin and a relaxed mind!

Digital Detox Massage

We urge you to try out our new Lomi Lomi Stress Relief Massage and be surprised by the dramatic change. We don’t ask you to go cold turkey and ignore your digital devices for months. We simply advise you to turn off your smartphone, go for a hike, or hit the gym followed by our Stress Relief Massage (with your smartphone on silent). Our very talented massage therapist Jennie has developed this massage to help you set those first steps to unplug and unwind. Now $175 (Normal $195) 90 min.

It all starts with our Detox Facial Special

Our Charcoal and Aloe Detox facial helps you achieve a flawless complexion by actively fighting acne, stress breakouts, and hydrating your sensitive skin. We begin with an oil cleanse and an enzyme peel to promote softening of your clogged pores followed by a thorough signature deep pore cleanse. We then perform a customized massage to improve blood circulation and remove circulation-blocking tension. We finish with a blend of our highly activated Charcoal / Aloe Mask, which effectively draws bacteria, toxins, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface of your skin, leaving you fresh and hydrated. Now $175 (Normal $205) 80 min.

Steam with Enzymes or Jojoba Beats

Exfoliating the skin is a crucial step before every facial mask. Select your exfoliation carefully, avoid beats that are made from fruit pits but rather use jojoba beats or enzymes instead. If you have some extra time boil water, transfer it into a bowl, and exfoliate your skin above the steam for optimal results. Cramped on time use your facial exfoliant in the shower. Your warm shower will open up your pores allowing the ingredients to penetrate. Receive a Pevonia travel size gentle exfoliating cleanser when you purchase one of our exfoliating products. (While supplies last.)